Dynamic Search for a range?

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Dynamic Search for a range?

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I'm a new photographer test-running DAMs, and am in my trial period for Photo Supreme, which is my top choice based on my early testing.

One think I'm having difficulty with in PSu is searching by ranges. I often want to search parts of my catalog for, say, photos with an ISO above 3200. As far as I can tell, the only way to do that in PSu is to click each and every ISO above 3200 under Details > Technical > ISO Speed Ratings over and over again until I populate all of them.

Is there an easier way to search ranges of things that have numeric values? Like ISOs over 3200, focal ranges between 23 and 35 mm, etc.?

Thanks in advance for any tips!
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Re: Dynamic Search for a range?

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A warm welcome to the forum.
The Filter by Macro Command could be helpful to filter the active set of thumbs. Find it in the Filter Bar, FILTER button

It offers "Greater Than" and "Less Than" but no "Between" so you could get all image with ISOs over 3200 but not focal range between 23 and 35
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Re: Dynamic Search for a range?

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You can Click the slowest speed of interest and the SHIFT Click the highest speed of interest, all items will be then selected between the two positions this of course works for any range of items, you can also make multiple separated ranges by then CONTROL click a third item and repeat SHIFT click for the second range to be added to the selected list etc.
Geoff Mather (G8DHE)
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