How do you deal with thumbless files?

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How do you deal with thumbless files?

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This topic relates to the rendering of certain file types on macOS.
Currently I use macOS Sonoma 14.4 on an Apple Silicon M1 machine where I see the issue described below.

I have a number of files with a .THM extension as well as some .WAV files.
These files were created by Canon Powershot cameras.
The .THM files are “sidecars” for .MOV files, while the .WAV files are short soundclips recorded while taking photos.

The .THM files do have an embedded JPG thumbnail.
The .WAV files on the other hand do not have an embedded JPG thumbnail at all.

For some reason the .THM thumbs are not rendered by macOS.

Consequently PSU does not “see” the embedded JPGs either.

PSU 2024 detects there are missing thumbnails and attempts to build them with every launch of the application.

Now every time I launch PSU I am greeted with a message saying it is building thumbs for 245 files.
As there are no embedded JPGs in these files the thumbs will never be build and the message will pop up for ever.

Supposedly, with the current design, it is expected behavior and as far as I am concerned a minor nuisance.

Nevertheless I wonder how others are dealing with this?
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