PhotoSupreme 2024 hangs up - Addendum

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PhotoSupreme 2024 hangs up - Addendum

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Good morning, and thank you for the new version. I'm excited, especially about facial recognition. :D
I also bought and installed it yesterday evening.

Unfortunately it doesn't work the way I want, I call up PSU, after a short while the message appears (a kind of display at the bottom in the middle), which quickly disappeared and then three processes start
create thumbnails 0%,
synchronization 0.2%,
General Services 4%-565 found
Then I let the program run overnight.

This morning, then the same percentage (0%, 0.2%, 4%).
Calling up the task manager shows no activity, clicking on PSU says "no response".

Termination is only possible via the task manager. Nothing happens when you call it again. Task Manager is called up and it ends automatically after 3 seconds. Only after a restart can PSU be called up again, and the game starts again.

What is it synchronizing or why creating new thumbnails, the "old" catalogue was completely synchronized and no longer had any active processes.

should this go to the Mantis?

Addendum: a new and a different catalog is running. I'm now trying again with the old one (previously compressed in PSU 2023) and then running it in PSU 2024.

greetings ralf
Hobby photographer with many pictures (> 100000) of the family over generations.
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