Related Move Catalog

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Related Move Catalog

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Someone's message is New user -- I attempted to create a catalog on the external SSD where my photos are, but Photo Supreme created it on my C:\ drive instead.

Can I move the entire catalog to the external SSD and, if so, how?

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Re: Related Move Catalog

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Welcome to the forum.
1. Start PSU
2. In Preferences -> General, enable the login dialog
3. Close PSU
4. Copy/move the Catalog files (cat.db and thumbs.db) to another folder
5. Start PSU
6. In the login dialog, select the catalog file
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Howard Levy
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Re: Related Move Catalog

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Glad I found these posts from February.

I am running the current 2024.1.2.6466 build of PSU on Windows 10.

I've run out of space on my C-drive and have moved the catalog & thumbnails DB to my D-drive as per the above instructions. I renamed my old catalog and thumbnails database on the C-drive, restarted PSU, everything works fine except for compressing the thumbnails database.

First I compressed the catalog on the D-drive, which worked.

Next I compressed the thumbnails database on the D-drive, which failed with the following message:

Your available disk space is insufficient to compact D:\Users\Howard\AppData\Local\IDimager Systems, Inc\Catalog\photosupreme.thumbs.db

Database file size is 12 GB
Required free space is 12.1 GB
Available diskspace on C: is 5.5 GB

There is 82 GB of available space on my D-drive, but only 5.5 GB of available space on my C-drive. My guess is that PSU uses the C-drive for temp space to compress the catalog and thumbnails db; there was enough space left on the C drive to compress the catalog, but not enough for the larger thumbnail db.

I can always delete the old catalog/thumbnail database from my C-drive and free up some temp space, at least for now. Will the compressed thumbnail database be written to the C-drive or the D-drive? My situation is probably a bit unusual (tiny C-drive), but it would be nice to be able to assign a temp directory to a drive of choice.

Howard Levy
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Re: Related Move Catalog

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Copied the old catalog & thumbs database to a safe place, deleted them from the C drive, compressed the active thumbs db on the D drive, everything ran correctly. The C drive was used for temp storage.

Everything is looking fine.
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