TIFs going bad (black & transparent)

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Re: TIFs going bad (black & transparent)

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Quick update. I again experienced a TIF going corrupt while working on it, but this time I was able to trace my steps and even recreate the file corruption (although only once). It occurred when I was playing around with labels while having the "Automatically write out Catalog changes to the image file" option set. Let me share what was done once I discovered the newly corrupted TIF:

1. Replaced the corrupted TIF with a working one from my backup set.
2. Verified that the copied TIF was indeed without issues, both by opening it PSU and other software.
3. I strongly suspected the corruption occurred when I was adding/removing labels, so re-added all labels that the image had before it became corrupted. Checked the TIF image - TIF was OK!
4. I revoked one hierarchical top label (in the "Label" panel), which removed that and two other labels from the photo. Checked the TIF image - TIF was corrupted!

I suspect the corruption comes from the the TIF metadata is updated, so for now I unchecked the "Automatically write out Catalog changes to the image file". As always it's just a theory, have sent the information to the support team.

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