Photo Supreme 7.3

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Re: Photo Supreme 7.3

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Is there a reason 7.3 isn't available as an in-app update? I wouldn't even know it exists if I hadn't read the forums.
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Re: Photo Supreme 7.3

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wesstl wrote: 28 Jul 22 15:48 Is there a reason 7.3 isn't available as an in-app update? I wouldn't even know it exists if I hadn't read the forums.
Before it is, on the basis of the feedback so far, it may be worth adding a warning that the database update may take significantly longer than usual. Somewhere between 12 and 18 hours in my case.
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Re: Photo Supreme 7.3

Post by fbungarz »

I can confirm that the update takes a very substantial amount of time. I had to let the computer run all night (despite compacting before the update).
So, it is probably wise not to supply this as in-app update.

Incidentally, while I much appreciate additional functionality and improved search options, I am increasingly worried about the size of the database(s). I have almost gotten used to the thumbs database being gigantic (in my case 34GB), accepting the fact that there is hardly anything to shrink that down, if I want somewhat decent quality previews and thumbs.

But these huge databases are quite a pain to deal with. Yes, storage is cheap, but fast internal SSDs are still usually not that large, especially if you have a sleek new laptop. Also, backup and compacting increasingly takes quite more and more time and quite a bit of space. Compacting needs space for temporary files. And backups need even more space, especially if you want to have a couple of different younger and older backup versions.
This means, it becomes tempting to skip regular backups and compacting.

Not frequently compacting - not a good idea, it really slows down the program very significantly, up to a point where things become unresponsive and the database might get corrupted.

No frequent backups - not a good idea either. Your database gets corrupted (if you don't regularly compact) and if you don't have a recent backup ...

As an example, my file sizes:

Before migration (version 7.2): 7.9GB (compacted)
After migration (version 7.3): 30.9GB (before compacting), 25.9 GB (after compacting)

That means, updating to version 7.3 resulted in a database more than three times the size of the original one!

I am really wondering if that's really worth the "price" just for "better search capabilities". I was quite happy with the way most searches previously worked. They weren't too slow for me and I usually easily found the image I was looking for. And if I could not quickly find an image, sloppy cataloging was usually the reason.

Just to give you an idea of the "costs": = 50.4 GB

Perhaps that does not seem that much on a 500GB internal SDD, but I am on a desktop. For comparison, Windows 10 needs less space to install the entire operating system.

If I want to keep at least two alternating backups, we are already at 100 GB. Compacting the 30.9GB file took almost 15 minutes on my system. Backing up both databases takes even longer.

This sounds as if I am just complaining. I am not. PSU is the best image management software available. But comes with a very heavy and now much increased footprint on computer resources.
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Re: Photo Supreme 7.3

Post by apanella »

I guess I never really thought too much about database size. In my world, if the app is faster, a file size penalty is OK, but I certainly appreciate the other side of the discussion.

In the realm of trying to help.... I decided to try some pruning...

Original (compacted)
DB size: 24GB
Thumbs DB size: 69GB
Thumbnail image quality: 1920 at 80%

Changed the thumbnail image size and quality!
Compacted database
Updated to 4453
Not sure how long it took... somewhere between 2 to 6 hours

NEW DB size: 20.9GB
New Thumbs DB size: 21.3GB
Thumbnail image quality: 1024 and 70%

Since I only use PSU as a database, the 1024 thumbnail seems OK for my use case. PResumably everything displays a bit faster because of the reduced size and the thumbnail database is 1/3 of original size.

YMMV. But this does seem like an improvement for my use case.

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Re: Photo Supreme 7.3

Post by tumirnix »

In my case the update of the database when starting version took about an hour for ~200000 images. But the database size increased from 4.2 GB to 11 GB.
Beside this I have problems to save changes to the images. Ctrl+S does not work anymore. Also the color label is always reset (perhaps this are both issues related to each other).
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Re: Photo Supreme 7.3

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Short update: After a restart of PSU it seems to work correctly.
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Re: Photo Supreme 7.3

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I am stuck. The database upgrade process fails after hours (and hours and hours) with a message "cannot connect to database". I need to roll back to the previous version but cannot find a Downloads section of the website. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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