Newby problems

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Newby problems

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Hi all

I'm new to Photosupreme coming from 20+ years using Iview, and Media Pro. Been trialling PSU for a week or so and it seems to be as close as I can get to Media Pro so want to stick with it but am finding several bugs that are making it extremely frustrating.
The first is I am finding the mouse click and navigation very buggy, ie often when clicking on thumbnail in "info"pane (in order to edit star rating or just trying to select an image)the App will want to "run away" and seemingly with a mind of its own jump forward (or back) to other images.The same is happening when I try to move to next images using arrow keys. It will just run off, sometime skipping forward on images and I have to Hit escape of even worse force quit app to stop it. Its happening a lot, every 3 to 4th mouse click to the point where I don't think I will be able to persist with PSU.

No, it's not the mouse, no its not the keyboard or computer or USER (me) doesn't happen in any other app
Running Mac OS 12.4 PSU in trial mode

cheers Mick Bell
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