Unable to reduce page size

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Re: Unable to reduce page size

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Yes, it only happened after the upgrade to V6 and although it has been a small irritation it only became an issue today when I tried to use the search bar (top right) and I couldn’t see the words I typed in properly.

Hovering the mouse over the menu bar has no effect either.

Anyway, I appreciate your efforts. All the best Hert
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Re: Unable to reduce page size

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I had the same problem. I am using High Sierra and am unable to make the PS window smaller and the top of the PS window is under the OSX Menu bar. I am using the workaround I am using is through OSX mission control where I am able to take the full-screen view and make it its own desktop. When doing this the PS application is fullscreen and the OSX menubar hides so I can get to the top of the window. I would prefer full window controls but for now, this is how I am doing it. Hope this helps others.
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