XMP Creation Changes MP4 Dates

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XMP Creation Changes MP4 Dates

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I'm in the process of converting all my metadata to XMP sidecar files via the Right Click > Metadata > Convert Metadata to XMP command.

I've noticed when the command is run on MP4 files, it will consistently shift the Description Date, Date Time Original, and Date Time Digitized 5 or 6 hours. So say an MP4 created on 12/24/2019 @ 1200, it will shift the time to 1700.

It only seems to do this on MP4 files. Specifically MP4 files that were created via Snapchat.

Is this a bug or expected behavior?

I fix the issue by selecting the files and using the Right Click > ReDate Files command with Change Date to Use File date/time. This usually gets them back to their original creation date, though sometimes I have to further shift it an hour, which I think stems from daylight savings time or whatever.

I'm running this on an iMac 5K, MacOS 12.4, Photo Supreme (64bit).

Thank you!

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Re: XMP Creation Changes MP4 Dates

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PSU reads the video time from the video file. It depends on the maker of the file (typically the camera) what metadata it writes to the file. I can imagine that Snapchat is not that interested in metadata. How you describe it, my first thought is the time zone is either missing or that the time zone is wrong. Some cameras write extensive metadata, some write very basic metadata, some don't write metadata at all.

If your file is missing the time metadata then the file stamp is used as the photo time. If there is time metadata in the file but it lacks the time zone info then the time zone of your OS is used. If the time zone is in the metadata but it is wrong, then that will be what PSU uses.

Best to start with a right click on the thumb -> Run Script from Repository -> Metadata -> Full Exif Dump to get an idea of what is in the file.
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