Feature Request : Freeze metadata

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Feature Request : Freeze metadata

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First of all, I would like to thank Photo Supreme Team for this great version, V7. It's working very good and I enjoy the new features. I test it on a old Mac mini 2012 with Mojave and it works perfect. So, with the new iMac....

My request is about Freeze Metadata. I agree at 99% with the good practice that we must manage ALL metadata in one place, so, in PSu. But, in somes case, it's not possible :
- photo evaluation : this is done when editing/enhancing the picture, so in the RAW developpement/Photo Editing application.
- external GNSS application
So, I would like a sort of special "detail profile" that defines, for every metadata, 'Freeze' or 'Can be updated'. So, when user asks 'Read Metadata from File', metadata marked 'Freeze' in this special 'detail profile' are rejected and not imported.

IMO, It's very important : when you spend a lot of time on clearing metadata for 100 kpics, you want something to protect the metadata integrity.
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