Access violation when changing main version in v7

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Access violation when changing main version in v7

Post by roddyt »

I tried to change version 1 (an NEF photo) to be the main version. I select "Set as Main Version" and after a few seconds I get an Access violation exception (which I sent in). Two versions are still shown, but they are both the JPG file; the NEF is missing and a reload doesn't help. I did a Verify Folder All. It lists the JPG file twice under File Changed, and the NEF file as Not in Catalog. I process that, and now there are three versions: two JPG and one NEF. To fix it, I destroyed the version set then dragged the NEF file onto the JPG to recreate the version.
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Re: Access violation when changing main version in v7

Post by marklevine »

This problem plagued me in v6. I hoped that the upgrade to v7 might fix it but not yet... Hert has informed me that there is a rewrite planned for the code processing versions. Here is his text:
...for V7 it is the plan to completely rewrite the version display on the thumbs.
From how I read your issue it has to do with that and so for now I will leave it as it is until there is a reliable way to reproduce it. It's not related to the sync-service. The background services are completely isolated. They may raise an error, but never will they interfere with the UI.

As soon the future V7.x update comes out that reports that the version thumbs are re-implemented (may take a month or two along the way) then I'd appreciate it if you could retest this.

So sorry for the inconvenience but I hope you understand that the version display issues are on the radar. Pressing F5 to reload the set will probably also correct such discrepancies like the main version name not being updated in the hint text

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