Trying to understand zoom in Light Table

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Trying to understand zoom in Light Table

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I am having trouble with zoom in a couple of different scenarios

The biggest one is in Light Table, if I have 2 photos selected and zoom in using + (making sure my mouse is "resting" on the pinned toolbar), they zoom to different parts of the photo. The more I zoom in, the more they diverge of course. The one on the left tends to zoom more on the left side of the photo whereas the one on the right (which is the photo that is selected/highlighted), stays more center. It flip flops behavior if I have the one on the left selected/highlighted. So I have 2 nearly identical photos that don't display the same part of the photo when I zoom with +

if I then click on the photo or use my mouse to grab one of them to check out something a little to the right, it syncs up the view so I am now seeing the same part of both photos. However, when I grab the photo and move to the section I want to see, it moves the view to there but as soon as I release my mouse, the view goes back to a Different part of the photo than it was at after I zoomed nor is it where I "grabbed" and moved it over to . I don't get that at all why it would go back to a different part of the photo and why wouldn't it stay where I grabbed it and moved it too.

This might be hard to visualize so let me try an example. Say I have two photos that have the numbers 1, 2 3 in huge numbers across the whole photo. If I hit + with the one on the right highlighted/selected, the photo on the right would zoom in around the 2 while the photo to the left would zoom in more towards the 1. Then, while still zoomed in, if I grab to the upper right of the two, as soon as I click, it displays the same part of both photos, then if I try, with where I have grabbed on to the mouse, to move it to where I can see the 3, it does that with both photos but as soon as I release the mouse, the view it goes back to is a different part of the photo, like the lower half of between 2 & 3. Very weird. It's not centering up to where I moved to, which is what I expected, it's going somewhere else in the photo which is neither where I started nor where I was trying to move to see. I know when I click, it's doing a zoom, but after I release I would expect it to stay where I was zooming on, or where I started but it doesn't do either.

If, instead of grabbing, I use the scroll bars to go to a different part of the photo, and then do the click to zoom, when I release it goes back to the view from right before I clicked ... which is better than what I talked about above. I find doing the grab and drag more convenient & natural so it's a bummer I can't figure out how to make that work well. It becomes a game of "guess where I am in the zoomed in photo now" afterwards.

If I zoom with the zoom in the toolbar, it shows the same part of each photo but exhibits the same problem of going back to a weird place after a grab move to see a different part of the photo that is almost out of frame.

If I zoom with Ctrl and use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom, it does the same as it does using the zoom in the toolbar (initial view is same part of photo but grab and drag ends up in a weird place afterwards

So, very quick recap:
1) When using + to zoom with 2 photos in light table, it doesn't zoom to the same part of the photos
2) While being zoomed in by using +, if I try to grab the photo to move to a different part, when I release the mouse click it doesn't stay where I was zooming in on, nor where it was before I started the grab.

I did find this very old post about using Ctrl (plus the scroll wheel on the mouse?) to Zoom one of the two photos in Light Table, that doesn't work for me. It zooms both. It might be too outdated, IDK. I assumed that using the scroll wheel is what they meant because Ctrl + didn't do anything and Ctrl while trying to click Zoom on the pinned tool bar didn't do anything. Is there something I'm missing about how to do this? :
viewtopic.php?f=57&t=23425&p=106309&hil ... ng#p106313

I found this other post from 2016 that describes the click to zoom not staying where you clicked afterwards. Has anything been changed since then to change this behavior? viewtopic.php?f=57&t=24145&hilit=zoomin ... 15#p111988

I didn't see any mention anywhere of using + to zoom not keeping the view of the two photos in sync but I could have missed it.

I used to be an iView/Media Pro user and it had a cool feature in its version of Light Table where you could lock or unlock the view of multiple photos so if you were trying to zoom in on someone's face but they had moved a little to the left in the last picture, you could unlock the photos from being in sync, move the one that was slightly different to be lined up with the others, and then relock them so they all stayed at the same place in the realigned photos as you zoomed in and out and moved to different parts of the photo. Very handy.
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