Creator field and version sets.

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Creator field and version sets.

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I have a small problem with PSu, that leads me to a couple of questions.
Any comment, hint, help would be warmly appreciated.

There is an apparent mismatch for the Creator field in my PSu library.
In my workflow I group say ABCD.NEF (Nikon RAW) and ABCD.jpg in a
version set. Sometimes (not always) the set has a Creator according to
the info and Details buttons (on the bottom of the screen) but not for
the All/DETAILS/Creator field (left of the screen).

Destroying a couple of version sets I found that this occurs when the
jpg version has a creator but not the NEF version. Indeed my workflow
(and the software I use for cataloging) changed over the years.

Is a there a way to fix this small problem ?

I like version sets as it gives a simple way to delete all versions
simultaneously in a easy way.

Should I avoid using version sets ?

In my set up, PSU metadata for both NEF and jpg files are not written
inside the files, but inside a XMP side car (indeed the same side
car). Is it a bad idea ? Should I use different names for the jpg and
NEF files (say ABCD.NEF and ABCD_M.jpg) in order to avoid a possible

In my current workflow, I first create version set, and next set
catalog labels.
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