Increasing Usability: Catalog Labeling-Dialog

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Increasing Usability: Catalog Labeling-Dialog

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PSu already offers plenty of functionality - as far as my PSu-uses cases are concerned, I do not ask for more. Instead I vote for improving usability and increasing speed. Hert adressed the latter recently, improving start-up-time as well as the time needed for displaying all the thumbnails. Wonderful and thanks for that.

I currently do a lot of tagging & labelling-work and thus have to use the "Catalog Label"-dialog quite often. Everytime I access the "Parent"-field to unfold the category tree I'm annoyed about the wasted space.

WishExtSpace4CatalogTree.png (84.33 KiB) Viewed 1138 times

I have a rich and deep category tree to navigate within and PSu forces me to to scroll a lot due to the restricted visible area of the category-tree. Why doesn't the combo box/drop-down-list use the full height of the dialog? This normaly can be achieved with just a few lines of code? It would already help me if I were able to increase the tree's size manually with the mouse.

I'm curious if anyone else would find this helpful, in case of that please support my wish. Thanks in advance.
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