Handling RAW + JPG

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Handling RAW + JPG

Post by stevehughes »

I shoot RAW+JPG since I moved to a Nikon Z50. The main reason is that I can quickly pull OOC JPGs using SnapBridge for sharing.

I use PSU for ingesting the RAWs from SDcard. I dont ingest the JPGs, and once I've ingested the RAWs I have no reason to keep the JPGs. Can anyone suggest a way I could have PSU automatically delete the JPG as well as the RAW after import?

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Re: Handling RAW + JPG

Post by HCS »

You (or someone else) could write a macro, add it to a batch and run that batch on import (there is a function in import to run a batch).

Personally, i'm not throwing anything away, but then again, i'm weird about that :D
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