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offline usage

Post by siehorst » 10 Apr 21 13:21

Is it possible to set folders / partitions / disk offline individually?
I have the problem that starting PS takes nearly a minute or so. That seem to be caused by my NAS server carrying many thousands of pics that is offline regularly. PS seem to try to connect to the NAS what takes the time.
If I deactivate LAN, PS start is within seconds.
Now I hope that there is better performance if I can set NAS to 'Travel Mode' but leavin the rest online.

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Re: offline usage

Post by Hert » 12 Apr 21 10:58

PSU needs to test the availability of your drive. To do so, PSU asks the Operating System if a volume is available. How long the OS takes to test/respond may differ per volume but typically it is blazingly fast. That is outside of PSU's control.
PSU offers "Travel" mode for the complete catalog only.
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