Avoiding duplicates on import

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Avoiding duplicates on import

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Greetings. Brand new to PS and am in process of importing over a decade of images which are spread across several hard drives. I unfortunately have 1000s of duplicates but I am not certain which files are duplicates and my prior folder system was not good. Is there a setting on the import to catalog function where I can avoid importing duplicates? In other words, if I select a folder to important and PS sees that there are files within the folder that have previously been uploaded they would not be uploaded again? Thanks in advance and sorry if this is an obvious question. I did a search before posting but could not find a matching question/answer.
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Re: Avoiding duplicates on import

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After import you can open to States and then "Duplicate Files". That will show you all files that have binary duplicates. You can then select ranges to remove duplicates. There's no automated way of doing the delete part because PSU can't reliably know which one of the duplicates you'd like to keep.
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