Video Sequences

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Video Sequences

Post by cumulusclimber » 14 Feb 20 9:33

Hi Folks

Hoping you can help...

Is it possible for PS to treat a folder of tif sequence images as a single master file, where the images have the same name except for an incrementing number at the end (ie video image sequence) ? ...I have several hundred sequences represented by over 2 million individual files, so I don't want to manage them individually.

If so, could PS manage tif file keywords using the master file, and automatically propagate them to all the files in the sequence ?

Lastly, can PS playback image sequences as video ?

Thanks in adv

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Re: Video Sequences

Post by Username » 14 Feb 20 11:08

I’ve done imports of cinemadng raw files and even though they are individual dng files (tiff more or less) PSu can present them as Stacks.
So a five minute clip shot in cinema dng will/can be presented as a stack of 1800 images.

It would be very nice if PSu could detect a sequence of images in a folder with meta data accompanied by a sound or not.
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