General feedback on search function in PSu

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General feedback on search function in PSu

Post by FallonPhotography2 » 20 May 19 9:12

Hi all, I have been searching for ages for a decent DAM app to replace the "imperfect-but-best-I've-found" Media Pro. I'm just starting to trial PSu and am hoping somebody with a bit of experience with the app can help me out with some feedback, particularly re search functionality.
I'm a bit underwhelmed with the search options (ie no manual advanced search functionality with "and" "or" "does not include" modifiers etc). Is the Dymanic Search function more usable and less sucky than it at first appears?

and while I've got you, what's the bulk editing of metadata funcionality like? I will continue to have a poke about but I spend a LOT of time checking out new software so any advicde that can help speed up the process would be much appreciated. Cheers, Patrick

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Re: General feedback on search function in PSu

Post by Hert » 20 May 19 14:57

A warm welcome to the forum.

Doing and, or, and not searches can all be constructed.
A great place to start is by reading through the search manual.
Find it in the Help section of the hamburger menu.
About bulk editing; select multiple thumbs and enter the details in the Details Panel (click Details from the command bar below the thumbs) .
This is a user-to-user forum. If you need product support then please send a message

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Re: General feedback on search function in PSu

Post by HaraldE » 20 May 19 23:23


Have been using PSU for many years and the search facility is for me one of its strongest points. I do not create advance search criteria, I just type in a word or two. What I do like is that I don't have to specify where to search for this word, PSU looks for it all over the place. I know I can specify where to search but I am happy even if there are more hits than I need. And as Hert said, look in the Search Manual, there are lots of useful info in there.

Also I use the PSU filter facility a lot. This is kind of a search facility. I may search and get a few hundred hits. Then filter down to all the MP4 files.

I am even less knowledgable about metadata but can say so far PSU has given me all the tools I need. Most of the time I add a Description in the Details panel. In there (or in other panels) I tend to update the Date, Colour and Labels. I am using the Description Writer for some private info and so on.

Hope you will enjoy PSU as much as I do

Regards, Harald

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Re: General feedback on search function in PSu

Post by snowman1 » 21 May 19 11:33

It may not be immediately obvious but using dynamic searching with filtering can be very powerful (and easy!). For an example see the section headed "How to filter images by camera body" in my post here viewtopic.php?p=121665#p121665

In searching and other areas the more you use PSU the more you realise is under the hood (as our US friends say - bonnet to me here in the UK!)

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