Computer Wiped...Now What?

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Computer Wiped...Now What?

Post by cardio1 » 13 Jan 19 1:58

My computer failed and had to be "wiped".
I've reinstalled everything except for Photo Supreme.
I've used SQL server for years and don't know the version I had...nor can I determine that from what data I can glean from what I have left on backups.
Photos and backups are good on an external drive as is the PS backup.
As best I can tell since I don't know the version of SQL I had, I have a problem going to PostgreSQL....
Not excited about paying Microsoft $1k for SQL either.
Any thoughts appreciated

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Re: Computer Wiped...Now What?

Post by Hert » 13 Jan 19 12:41

You don't know what SQLServer version you were using, and you didn't pay for it then I assume that you used the free SQLServer Express. I don't recommend using that version anymore due to its ever further restricted features. Either use the fully paid version of SQLServer or use PostgreSQL.

Since you're now starting with a clean machine again, I recommend starting with the PostgreSQL version (you are using V4 of Photo Supreme?). ... upreme.pdf

After installing PostgreSQL and installing Photo Supreme, import by using these steps:
1. Open Preferences->Sync Settings->Read Settings
2. Enable "Read IDImager ICS"
3. Apply your preferences
4. Import a small folder of images first to try the working. Import using Import Folder from the hamburger menu

Does that bring in all your cataloging work again? If so, then continue importing more folders.

This method assumes that you are using V4 and that you had your images in-sync when the wipe occurred.
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Re: Computer Wiped...Now What?

Post by cardio1 » 13 Jan 19 17:27

Yes, I started with you in 2007 and SQL express but who knows what version as I never changed it!
Yes I have V4 current update.
Will try your policy

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