Extra steps to show new rendering

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Extra steps to show new rendering

Post by OldRadioGuy » 15 Sep 18 15:51

Is there a better way to get a new jpeg version to appear adjacent to the original raw file thumbnail in PSu?

Now I:
1. In Folders, select the raw file thumbnail in PSu
2. Open the raw file in Capture One by clicking the C1 External Application button
3. Perform operations in C1 and export jpeg to original folder
4. In PSu, right-click on the folder, Verify Folder, and OK adding the new jpeg file
5. PSu now shows the new jpeg thumbnail, unsorted, at the bottom of the stack of thumbnails in the folder.

I have found no way to get a setting that puts the new file next to the other versions in this verify operation. To achieve that arrangement, I have been selecting another folder, then returning to the original folder, an extra step in the workflow.

Am I missing something here?
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Re: Extra steps to show new rendering

Post by sanphotgn » 15 Sep 18 16:56

After your step 4, where you verify, would a Control-R (Reload) re-order the files?
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