Can't make Versions stick!

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Can't make Versions stick!

Post by Devoid » 21 Jun 18 6:39

Hi, I'm new to PSu so please be gentle.

I want all my ~20'000 images versioned. Each pair (.DNG and .JPEG typicallly) in a stack. When I imported my library I asked for this to happen and it did. However now when I import new photos it does not happen (I have checked "apply versioning" in the import profile I am using).

I am viewing photos in timeline (I understand the file view does not show versions)

So question 1 is why don't new photos version on import?

Following a failed version on import I tried to manually version the new photos, select all the photos then right click "versions" - "version detection" this does version images in front of my eyes BUT if I navigate away from that dated folder and then back again the versioning is gone.

So question 2 is how do I get PSu to version files in a way that sticks after import.

I am running PSu 4.1 on MacOS High Sierra.

Prospective thanks for any help.

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Re: Can't make Versions stick!

Post by jstartin » 22 Jun 18 14:44

It may be that the way in which PSu displays versioned files is confusing/fooling you. If there are versions then the thumbnail shown will have small tabs to the right indicating that this is a versions stack. In most catalog views, including timeline, only one stack is displayed to show all of the versions available. By default the version shown 'at the front' is the main version. If you click on different tabs then different versions will come to the fore and be displayed.

In a few views, notably the folder view, then each file of the version set may be displayed as a separate stack - this happens when the different version files are in the same folder (they need not be) so that you can see all of the folder content.

When files have just been associated as versions it may take a screen refresh for PSu to tidy up the display - until then multiple copies of a stack may show up in views where this is not intended by the application design.
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