Converting metadata to xmp

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Converting metadata to xmp

Post by Larry56 » 11 Mar 18 0:44

I've noticed that with some RAW converters the exported jpg needs to have metadata converted to xmp so that PSu can display ISO, f/, ss, etc in the Info panel. When it does the conversion not all my labels/keywords are kept.

As an example if I have Birds->Falcons as labels after conversion I'll have just Falcons and the keyword hierarchy disappears.

Is there a setting that will keep the hierarchy? I've looked at the Read and Write setting in preferences and my Read is "Merging existing with catalog labels" and Write is "Replace keywords with catalog labels". Is one (or both) of these settings causing this?

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Re: Converting metadata to xmp

Post by sanphotgn » 11 Mar 18 2:57

I have "Write hierarchical keywords" enabled and I have "Read hierarchical keywords" enabled.

My Keywords processing for both Write and Read matches your settings.
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