Remapping Access Violation (0)

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Remapping Access Violation (0)

Post by Larry56 » 05 Feb 18 0:49

I am trying to remap to a correct drive. The old drive was e:\seagate\my photos and the new is d:\samsung\my photos. When I do that I get an Access Violation (0) and the new drive/folder are show with black arrows but navigating down they turn red and the mapping does not take effect.

The folder structure on the Seagate drive is the same as on the Samsung drive.

Windows 10, PSu (64 bits).

Can anyone point me in a direction to fix or the source of the error/lack of mapping?

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Re: Remapping Access Violation (0)

Post by rfcat » 12 Feb 18 22:41

Check you access settings, I found I needed to change to read write to overcome this error even though my user was setup correctly. PSu appears to use the everyone userid.
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