tif display color issue

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tif display color issue

Post by Larry56 » 14 Apr 17 4:13

I've never done this before so I'm not sure what to expect. I processed a RAW in Lightroom and then sent it to Photoshop CC as a tif for some additional work. I also saved a copy of that tif after I was done to a jpg.

The photo has a lot of blue sky but the tif and the jpg from the tif has the blue sky a noticeable lighter shade of purple in PSu. In any other photo viewing software I checked the sky was blue.

Anyone have any idea why PSu would show purple?

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Re: tif display color issue

Post by Mke » 14 Apr 17 11:21

My guess would be that it's a color management issue - this thread may help:

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Re: tif display color issue

Post by Larry56 » 14 Apr 17 17:29

Thanks for the link. I don't have color management enabled but use the default sRGB so the topic link was helpful.

Since this is the first time I've run across this I'm not too concerned now that I know why and perhaps what to expect in the future.

I looked at the icc profile used according to the jpg and it reports ProPhoto RGB. I suspect that's why and must from from some setting in Photoshop. One more teachable moment. :-)

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Re: tif display color issue

Post by Preston B » 14 Apr 17 21:33

Larry, you can change the color profile for any image in Photo Shop (PS).

With the image open in PS, go to Edit>Convert to Profile...
In the resulting dialog, select the dropdown under Destination Space.
For jpegs, select sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Save the image.

This embeds that profile in the image.

Important Note: If you change the embedded profile, PS will flatten the image. So, if you do need to change the profile, you should save the converted file with a new name (File>Save as...), so that any layers in the original file are preserved.

For tif and psd files, I suggest using either ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB (1998)
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