help needed to switch from delimited to simple keywords

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help needed to switch from delimited to simple keywords

Post by fbungarz » 16 Sep 16 17:34

Hi everyone,
following quite a few discussions about simple, delimited and hierarchical keywords I am finally thinking of changing my PSu preferences to no longer write delimited keywords. I don't want to go into pros and cons, but simply would appreciate some advice on how to bet go about this.

Here are my current sync settings for writing keywords:
Keywords processing: Replace keywords with Catalog labels
Write hierarchical keywords: enabled
Write delimited keywords: enabled, delimiter: "|"
no other option enabled...
CurrentWriteSyncSettings.jpg (96.89 KiB) Viewed 6331 times
Here the ones for writing keywords:
Always convert IPTC keywords to XMP first
Keywords processing: Merge keywords with existing Catalog labels
Geo Location processing: Up to Location Level
Read hierarchical keywords: enabled
Read delimited keywords: enabled, delimiter: "|"
no other option enabled...
CurrentReadSyncSettings.jpg (80.28 KiB) Viewed 6331 times
Here my questions:
When migrating from IDI to PSu I had quite a few problems with the ICS schema and therefore disabled writing to it. I plan to turn that back on, but wonder it that will have any possible side effect. Will converting the old dc:subject labels from delimited ones to simple ones be affected in any way by enabling turning ICS writing on again?

I would prefer simply turning off writing delimited keywords, but would like to still keep reading keywords delimited by the "|" enabled! My rationale behind is this: I have used delimited keywords for many years using not only my own database, but also a few other ones. I would like PSu to be able to properly understand these files during import, i.e., assign a delimited keyword that it encounters to its proper place in my catalog hierarchy. Therefore I would also keep the setting "Merge keywords with existing Catalog labels" enabled.

I have read Vlad's exhaustive discussion on the different options to also assign parent keywords and switching from delimited to simple keywords I am now tempted to enable "Include all Parent level labels as keywords"...

Now, what I don't want is inadvertently having PSu create labels in the "Miscellaneous" category. For thousands of images having to clean up that category would be a bit of a pain. I did previously experiment a bit with the settings and ever so often things end up under "Miscellaneous". I am not sure how this would have happens, perhaps I inadvertent had my read processing settings set to "Replace Catalog labels with existing keywords"?

In theory things should be pretty straight forward, simply disable "Write delimited keywords", but I know from experience that in some instances assigning labels to files not only writes metadata from the files, but also reads them. One example Geo Location processing. The setting can only be enabled under "Read", but with the setting enabled assigning Geo Information through the Geo Panel also creates new labels (if they ´do not previously exist) This means these new labels are also written, not just read.

Not sure if all this makes sense. I guess I just want to make sure that changing keywords of thousands and thousands of files from delimited to simple one will no make a mess out of my catalog...

Thanks for your advice,


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