Web Page Spelling

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Web Page Spelling

Post by mphillips » 24 Jan 13 15:01

Hi Hert

I think they may be a spelling error on the web page :-)
24-01-2013 03-58-46 PM.jpg
24-01-2013 03-58-46 PM.jpg (75.61 KiB) Viewed 7193 times

Mike Phillips
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Mike Buckley
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Re: Web Page Spelling

Post by Mike Buckley » 24 Jan 13 15:44

If we're going to point out spelling errors, there are two more of them in that screen shot. "Option" should be changed to "options" and "our" should be changed to "out." Better yet, eliminate "our/out".

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Re: Web Page Spelling

Post by Hert » 24 Jan 13 16:05

Thank you Mike/Mike.

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