Photo Supreme v2024.2 is released

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Photo Supreme v2024.2 is released

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Photo Supreme v2024.2 is available...a "big" minor release.

1. Schedule Verify Folder on "startup" and "close down".
Up to this version, a Verify Folder can be scheduled to run at a certain interval. For example, every 8 hours or every 7 days. While that is great, now in v2024.2 Photo Supreme can do a Verify Folder on starting or closing the application.

2. Text Expansion
A great new feature is the "Text Expansion" feature. Text Expansion allows users to type a short abbreviation, which then expands into a longer block of text or a predefined phrase. This can significantly enhance productivity by reducing the need to type repetitive text, or common phrases.
This can be a game changer for people who need to describe images and repeatedly use common phrases. By entering a short abbreviation and then pressing Ctrl+Return the abbreviation can quickly be expanded into the full text.
Read more about the new Text Expansion feature in the Cataloging manual.

3. Faster (again)
Photo Supreme v2024.2 got faster again. This time, mainly focused on larger catalogs (volumes of 200K images and higher). But what most people should notice is a shorter startup time, and opening the FOLDERS or STATES section also opens faster.

Keyword editor
While experienced Photo Supreme users know that editing keywords directly is fairly irrelevant in Photo Supreme because that is what you use Catalog Labels for. Still, new users are using that field and needed a more friendly editing experience...until they find out that Catalog Labels are so much more convenient :D
The Keyword Editor in Image Details is now a comma separated text editor
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