facial recognition areas

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facial recognition areas

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As I go through a set of images,Ii noticed that a few times, the facial recognition area is located far from the face that is in the label. sometimes there is not face in the image. Sometimes, another area with the same label will be on the correct face. They are both blue in color.
Is PSu doing this in the background?
How are the coordinates of the areas stored? If the image is rotated, resized or otherwise altered, can the areas move appropriately?
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Re: facial recognition areas

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I have noticed the same problem, additional tagged areas, with Tag That Photo (TTP), not seen that with PSU yet.
As to rotation yes both TTP and PSU fail to handle that at all. I can't see why it can't be handled, either by specifying the reference coordinates and then changing that single set of coordinates when rotation occurs or by altering each individual areas coordinates, but it might be to do with the how areas are specified in the standards, might need a bit more digging on that point.
Geoff Mather (G8DHE)
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