Speed expectations and stacking

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Speed expectations and stacking

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Hello All,

I am doing a trial of photo supreme and really like the approach. However 2 issues are bothering me so that I am about to uninstall. I am here to check if I am doing something wrong.

1. Import is pathetically slow: 20,000 images (10K raw and 10K JPEGS), took over 40 mins and dint finish. I had to kill it as the CPU was over 600%. I use the highest configuration M1 Mac with ton of RAM and SSD

2. I am having to manually stack images. When I start detect stack, the thumbnails start flickering until I close the application and reopen.

3. The scrolling is sloppy.

I am hoping I am doing something wrong. Please advise, I really want to figure it out and go from a trial to a purchased license and keep using it.

Thanks, Dev
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Re: Speed expectations and stacking

Post by Hert »

A warm welcome to the forum.

1) PSU is DAM software and not a viewer. DAM software keeps its truth in the Catalog and not on the file system. On import PSU needs to do a *lot*: creating file references in the catalog, read from file and store metadata to the catalog (sometimes XMP must be created first if not pre-existing or if exists but incomplete), convert keywords to catalog labels, create a search index, and more.
This is a one time operation so you'll have to get through this one time.

Please wait for the import to finish. If you are time restricted then import a smaller set of image to use to explore the feature set.

On restarting PSU, it should continue where you killed it off.

A 600% CPU usage means that 6 processor cores are hard at work. PSU uses your machine to its full potential and is not limited to a single processor core.

2) Don't do cataloging tasks anything until after the import is completed.

3) Scrolling will definitely be sloppy while thumbnails are being generated. Please wait for the import to complete. The scrolling will be a lot better at that point.
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