Applying a border/frame to a picture via batcher?

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Applying a border/frame to a picture via batcher?

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There's a nice & easy way in PSu to add a border/frame to a picture via the batcher. Unfortunately I cannot do it in the way I want my picture to look like...

What I want to achieve is a simple border either in black or in white - simply depending on my personal taste.

What PSu is offering in the batch-command "Frame":
  • a frame style named "Smart Outer", which would perfectly do the job, but is only available in white and not in black - why?
  • frame styles "White Outer" & "Black Outer" which I could use, but for any reasons I do not know, the border is unsymmetrical, being thicker at the lower edge? I tried placing the watermark of my pictures within that thicker region, but the watermark command always refers to the original picture size, even if the watermark command is the last command in the batch queue. Also a negative vertical spacing value (offset placement) doesn't help? Anyway I prefer an equal thick frame around my fotos!
So any ideas or possibility within PSu I missed?

My other suggestion for applying a border/frame to a foto in a simple way:
  • I wished I also had to the opportunity to specify the border/frame-width, either by xx pixels (absolut) or yy % value (relative) of picture size
  • this could be easily added to at the batchers "Canvas Size"-command, so that the user could add a simple frame in specified background color around the foto. But as a prerequiste, the "Canvas Size"-command had to be more flexible firstly, as up to now, one just can specify absolut canvas size, wheras I suggest to add additional canvas size to the existing foto size
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