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Preview size changes

Post by yar »

I have a small but annoying problem with full size preview: if I start preview with "view image best" checked and go through images with the right arrow key, after 45 images the preview size decreases to (probably)1440. After that, in the zoom drop down menu both "view image best" and "100%" are marked simultaneously. Normal behavior restorers if one quits preview and start it again. I have "load full size images" checked.

Can anybody confirm this?

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Re: Preview size changes

Post by gcorbin »

I think I can confirm this behaviour.

What I see is after downloading a new set of photos from my camera and waiting for all the cataloging activity to end, I open the just downloaded image folder and view the JPGs by double clicking twice the first image. Images are displayed full screen. If I step on to new images with the right arrow slowly (>1 second per image), everything proceeds as expected. If I step on to new images quickly (<0.25 seconds), after a few images (3 or 4 typically) the photo is displayed at about 90% zoom with a small black border around the image. I don’t think the image name or zoom level is briefly displayed at the top of the screen either. Click and hold to zoom to 100% view no longer works. I have never checked if both the zoom levels are ticked simultaneously, sorry.

When this issue occurs, I step on to the next or previous image using the right or left arrow keys and then return to the same image and the image will display correctly full screen and everything is fine including the click and hold to zoom to 100%. Closing the image viewer and reopening also fixes the issue as you have found, but stepping onto a new image and returning is a quicker easier method to overcome the issue.

Once I have viewed all the newly downloaded images, this issue will still occasionally occur but rarely. I tried to reproduce this issue today but I cannot even reproduce it using already downloaded images.

This issue has been occurring for quite a while for many versions (6 months +) but I just have not got around to reporting this issue as it doesn’t occur often enough to annoy me to report it.

I am currently using V7.4.3.4751 on Windows 10. My monitor is 17” 1920 x 1080 with the black border when displayed approximately 1cm wide.
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