hierarchical keywords in dc:subject

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hierarchical keywords in dc:subject

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I have many photos where the hierarchical keywords are written into the dc:subject field with the full path as the keyword.

It will look like that:

dc:subject: HERKUNFT|Dänemark Jütland|Nykøbing Mors

PS then creates a catalog label:

HERKUNFT|Dänemark Jütland|Nykøbing Mors

How do I best deal with the entry under Miscellaneous? It makes no sense to me to have a label "HERKUNFT|Dänemark Jütland|Nykøbing Mors".

If I delete the label and write the metadata to the file, the entry under dc::subjct is retained and the label is created again with the next import.

Thanks for hints

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Re: hierarchical keywords in dc:subject

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You appear to have dc:subject filled with hierarchical keywords. That is not how that field is intended. his field is intended for flat (leaf) keywords and there is lr:hierarchicalSubject for the hierarchical keywords. However, the latter metadata field was introduced much later and back in the days, different tools offered delimited keywords to be written in dc:subject so that at least hierarchical information would be pertained.

What I recommend that you do (try this on a few images first):
1. Start a new Catalog
2. In Preferences -> Synchronize Settings -> Read Settings
3. Enabled "Read delimited keyword"
4. Choose your | delimiter

Then import the images to this new catalog. That should mirror the hierarchy as Catalog Labels.

Then fix the metadata by rewriting the metadata. That will write the leaf keyword to dc:subject and the hierarchical keywords to lr:hierarchicalSubject

Don't forget to disable the delimited keyword reading once you've completed the conversion.
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