Enable the old usage of the number keys (colors/rating)

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Enable the old usage of the number keys (colors/rating)

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Hello again,

it seems that with version 7 a lot of the behavior could be configured. Currently I'm not really happy with the new behavior of the assignment of colors and stars. In the past the number of stars was set be pressing the number 1 to 5 and the color by hitting CTRL and the number 1 to 5.
Unsetting was done by hitting 0 (Zero) or CTRL+0. This was "idempotent", i.e. when I hit the same numer twice the result was still the same.

Now, with version 7, the star rating/color is set or unset with the same key. This is especially to more confusion, if more images are marked.
Also for unsetting a color one has to remember the number for color.

Thefore I'm looking for the switch to enable the old behavior. Is there one?

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Re: Enable the old usage of the number keys (colors/rating)

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You can use the "divide" key on the numeric keypad of the keyboard as an alternative to remove a color label.

PS. The new rating/color label bar on the thumbs make it very easy to change ratings/color labels.
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