Photo Supreme V7 is available

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Re: Photo Supreme V7 is available

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Hi Hert,

Compliment fully deserved, it really is a nice upgrade, well worth the fee.

No, I really mean stacks. I had a folder in which I had created two stacks in v6, yesterday evening (for two cases of focus-stacked images). In v7 the stacks are gone and the images are no longer in the catalog (verified through Scan For Missing Files). This morning I created a small test stack in v7 in a different folder, and it all worked fine.

Actually I had never used Stacks before (I'm a heavy user of Versions, though), so it's no big deal. Strange though...


So this is really weird. I have 51 files in my Finder folder. The badge in the PS folder tree says "17" and I see 17 thumbnails. So I tried to Verify Folder/Scan for Missing Files. It recognised that there were extra files, seemed to process them, then they vanished again. Count remained at 17. I then tried Verify Folder/Verify Folder All. This time, it imported the missing files, and recreated the two Stacks. Yaaayy!! But wait. Badge count still says "17". I moved to an adjacent folder, thinking maybe it will refresh. It didn't. Moved back to the problem folder - only 17 thumbnails, stacked images have vanished again.
So I tried compacting the DB. And restarting. After this, still badge = 17, but now Scan For Missing Files & Verify Folder All do absolutely nothing. PS is absolutely refusing to see the other files.


After a lot of investigation I have concluded that there is an underlying issue here. It has nothing to do with v7. I'll take it up as a support case.
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Re: Photo Supreme V7 is available

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The issue appears to be an Apple one, the Apple software now insists that all applications have to be installed on a drive where MACos is installed, backward step by Apple.
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Re: Photo Supreme V7 is available

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Hello, since the release of V7, I no longer have access to V6 (I did not buy the new update) Is this normal?
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Re: Photo Supreme V7 is available

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If you are a licensed v6 user then you can download the V6 software and your V6 license from the Control Panel at
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