PSU Hanging on Mac M1

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PSU Hanging on Mac M1

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I'm having some issues with PSU hanging on my M1 Mac, bit working perfectly on Windows 10.

Just after starting PSU, if I click on the "gear icon" or try to select images that matches a category on the Categories tree, it hangs, I can't even change from Categories to Folders. Okay, I know I have A LOT of images, but I need to work temporarely this way to split a huge catalog migrated about one year ago from Media Pro.

The catalog is placed on the M1 Mac ssd and the photos on a Thunderbolt 4 external disk. It was working well but suddenly started to crash.
I compacted the catalog database and the problem persisted.
I deleted PSU and reinstalled it and again, crashing (or playing dead), Activity Monitor shows PSU as not responding 0.0% cpu and the spinning weel is... spinning.

Any clues ?
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