Editor integration on versions

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Editor integration on versions

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I usually have two or three versions of a good image, the unaltered original (usually a RAW, assigned to the main version), a smaller JPG for preview (usually the processed RAW stored as compressed/scaled JPG and assigned to the album version) and a larger TIF file for printing or final editing (usually assigned to the print version). My main editing programs are CaptureOne (for the RAWs) and Affinity for the TIFs, while in PSu I usually want to see the album view. After adjusting the raw, I usually create a new album display.

What do I like to achieve?
a) The primary thumbnail and viewer/lighttable display in PSU should be the album version (if available, otherwise the main version).
b) I want to envoke the RAW editor always on the main version, regardless which version thumbnail I am currently on.
c) After completion of the RAW editing I'd like to invoke the process of re-reading the directory and update the versioning information without additional confirmation

Can this be automated via scripting or are there already some functions in PSU I have overlooked until now? It happens too often that I open the album view instead of the RAW in CaptureOne on error, and it is simply annoying to re-read the directory after each edit and reset the display to the album display...
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Re: Editor integration on versions

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One way of approaching this is by using separate directories - as I do.

If you've versioned the images together, then you can browse just the directory containing the smaller JPGs - but you'll need a JPG of each image for that to work. You can easily switch between version tabs to decide which version you want to view in the lightbox or edit.

After editing you can rebuild the thumbnails for the entire directory in a couple of clicks, if necessary.
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