Quick update on PSO experiences

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Quick update on PSO experiences

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Hi Hert,

I still haven't had a chance to play a lot with PSO, but my experiences so far have been really good (after you fixed the login bug).

I was able to activate and order the categories I wanted to see in PSO via PSU as you suggested. I did have an issue where after I activated some categories and rearranged them, they showed up as "empty" when I expanded them in PSO. This is apparently a browser-cache issue, as a cache-clear took care of that problem.

Anyway, the navigation experience is clean and snappy, and things just seem to work as expected. I also played a little with PSO on my phone, and had a similar, good experience.

So, not much to report yet, other than I see a lot of potential here already. And, it seems remarkably stable for such an early look.

Well done!
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Re: Quick update on PSO experiences

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Thank you Jeff.
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