how important is compacting thumbs?

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how important is compacting thumbs?

Post by fbungarz » 03 Nov 20 19:18

With the nag screen reminding me regularly now that I should compact my database, I have been doing this more regularly for the catalog database. However, the thumbnail database is too large to be compacted on the SDD where both databases reside.
So, to be able to compact that database as regularly as the catalog database, I have to first move it to another drive, use SQLite Expert to compact it there and then move it back. Bit of a hassle.
I am wondering: how much will it impact performance, if I regularly compact the catalog, but only once in a while the thumbnail database?

[Yes, I know, I should move to PostGres, but I haven't yet had the time...; another question though: is performance of the server version generally better, snappier, speedier than the SQLite standalone or are they more or less performing the same.]


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Re: how important is compacting thumbs?

Post by Hert » 05 Nov 20 11:24

The nag message that you mention appears when lots of changes have been made to the catalog. If you're mainly making changes in the catalog database then you will suffice compacting that regularly and skipping the (large) thumbs database compact.
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