Size of exported/copied images and HEIC support

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Size of exported/copied images and HEIC support

Post by Chephren » 28 Oct 19 9:33


I am currently testing the current version of Foto Supreme and have been very impressed with the features of this program so far. Basically I am looking for a replacement for Lightroom, because I do not like the subscription model and my last version of Lightroom is no longer supported under MacOS Catalina.

I've already tried different programs like ON1 Photo Raw 2020 or Acdsee, but none was as promising as Photo Supreme.

Unfortunately I have the following problem and I am not sure if I am using the program incorrectly, if there is an error or if the program does not support the desired function.

I have stored different file formats (ARW, DNG, JPG, HEIC) in a certain folder structure (year/month/day) on my hard disk. I sorted the images with keywords and color labels.

Now I actually want to make 1:1 copies of a certain selection of these images in a folder to import them into Apple Photos. For this I tried the way via the menu "Share" as well as the context menu "Operations". Since the metadata can apparently not be written in HEIC files, I would also be satisfied with the export as JPG.

My copy function contains the specification of a destination folder, the output as JPG, the retention of the metadata as well as the retention of the original size.

Unfortunately, with HEIC and ARW files only the reduced thumbnails are exported as JPG. Only with DNG and JPG the copied image is exported in the original size.

Curiously, the export of a HEIC image works correctly if only one image is selected. As soon as several images are selected, only the first image is exported correctly, the remaining ones have only the size of the set thumbnails.

Has anyone found a way to export images of different formats in their original size?

Thanks for your feedback.

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Re: Size of exported/copied images and HEIC support

Post by Hert » 29 Oct 19 11:31

PSU currently loads the preview when sharing a ARW file. Sony unfortunately doesn't store a full size preview (like Canon or Nikon do).

HEIC is a patented format and PSU asks the Operating System to load such files. PSU has no control over what the OS returns. I just tried it here on macOS Cataline and used "Export to Folder" (Cmd+E) in Photo Supreme on a HEIC file from an iPhone 7. The export size was set to "Original Size". The created file in the folder is 4032x3024. That is correct.

Maybe your original files are not available? Could be a share that is not mounted as a Volume? If PSU can't find the original file then it will always use the stored preview from the catalog.
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Re: Size of exported/copied images and HEIC support

Post by Chephren » 03 Nov 19 13:54

Hi Hert,

thank you very much for your feedback. First I updated PSU to the latest version and then tried the export functions again.

My original images are stored locally on the hard drive. Therefore I can exclude a wrongly mounted drive. The original image was taken with the iPhone X and has a size of 4032 x 3024 pixels. The file format is HEIC.

With the function "Export to Folder" (CMD + E) the image is only exported in the size of the thumbnails. In my case this is 1680 pixels. It doesn't matter if I want to export one or more images. Also the option to keep the original size has no influence on the result.

The function "Share" --> "Copy as JPG to Folder" works with one image, but not if several images were selected.

The handling of the ARW files (Sony's file format) works correctly since the update (Build Here the files are now exported in their original size. Thank you very much.

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Re: Size of exported/copied images and HEIC support

Post by cyberal » 19 Nov 19 12:45

I have the same issue. HEIC files are always exported in preview size
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