image viewer not using defined display resolution

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image viewer not using defined display resolution

Post by roddyt » 07 Aug 19 1:19

I recently bought a new iMac, which has a 5K display for a max resolution of 5120x2880. My old iMac has a resolution of 2560x1440. The new iMac's display resolution is set to 2560x1440 as the default, which I have kept, so visually it is the same as the old iMac.

I found that both the image viewer and light table display images as though the display was set to 5120x2880 instead of the defined setting, so the images are half the size than they were when I viewed them on my old iMac. This would not be obvious with current photos as they all have to be reduced in size to fit the screen anyway, but lately I have been working with old photos that were scanned at 300 dpi and do not fill the screen even at 2560x1440. Now they are smaller by half.

Is this normal behavior?

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Re: image viewer not using defined display resolution

Post by Hert » 07 Aug 19 6:24

That is how scaling works. UI controls are scaled but images display at the monitor resolution. You want your images to display as sharp as possible. An 8K image will not become fuzzy when viewed at 100% due to double scaling.
If you have 5120 pixel then they are also used to display images as sharp as your monitor is capable of. That’s how high DPI (Windows) and Retina (mcOS) works.

As a side note; Especially in the Windows world this is a general misunderstanding. People often refuse to use scaling on a high resolution monitor because they think that their images will then be scaled down and not use the capabilities of the monitor. And so they struggle with mini UI controls on a 4K monitor while they could just as well set scaling and the images will still use the monitor resolution :D (remark: only in Windows 8.1, Microsoft got high DPI implemented slightly the right way so 8.1 or higher is required for high resolution monitors but only in Windows 10 they nailed it completely and fixed the last DPI issues)
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