Google Map Lookup Not Working

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Google Map Lookup Not Working

Post by n8vz » 13 May 19 4:04

I had not used the Google Map lookup in PSU for awhile. When I tried to do so today, it would not return any coordinates for any location I entered. I checked and my Google API is still entered in PSU in the appropriate place in Preferences. Any idea what the problem could be? The last time I tried this function it worked, so it appears that either PSU has changed something in one of the recent updates, or Google has changed something. Do Google API Keys expire? Do I need to get a new one? Thanks for any help anyone can give me. -- Carl

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Re: Google Map Lookup Not Working

Post by Hert » 13 May 19 5:31

Check in your Google account that:
1. There is a billing method
2. There’s not a restriction in place that fails
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