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Copy and Paste

Post by rdv4rjm » 16 Jan 19 5:51

Updating post I had nested in another topic.

From last thread:
Most of text which would fit in fields such as Description or Headline, is ready to be pasted from text editor to PSU. For some reason, first paste works perfectly. Second text copied into clipboard does not paste in next field. Text from first copy seems to remain in clipboard, and pastes over and over, regardless of new copy commands. On the other hand, any text copied within PSU pastes faithfully, and clipboard clears at every new copy command.
Here's where loop sets in:

Any new copy command, of text outside PSU, will renew clipboard content UNTIL text is being copied from within PSU. From then on, only copy commands from within PSU will renew clipboard content for next paste.

If more text must be copied from outside PSU, which is our most common operation, last copied text from within PSU will paste over and over. Only one way out, that I could find: relaunch PSU.

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Re: Copy and Paste

Post by Hert » 16 Jan 19 14:14

Please download build 1872 from the website for a possible fix.
Please report bugs in Mantis.
This is a User-to-User forum which means that users post questions here for other users.
Feature requests, change suggestions, or bugs can be logged in the ticketing system

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