Keyboard Shortcut Helper Set for MAC only

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Keyboard Shortcut Helper Set for MAC only

Post by endre » 03 Dec 18 15:33

There are a couple of shortcut helpers out there however most of these do not read out the unique shortcuts of PhotoSupreme neither other software.

Without trying to advertise any, KeyCue (please Google if interested) has the custom feature to upload predefined shortcut descriptions into it.
Having used the official keyboard shortcut reference v0.73 compiled a custom set for the afore mentioned helper.

What is a keyboard shortcut helper?
It's a tool that helps you to use your macOS applications more effectively by displaying a concise table of all currently available menu shortcuts.
You no longer need to memorise, remember or print out pages of key combinations; just press the command key and it tells you what you want to know.

Quick Start
Unzip attachment
On the toolbar with right mouse button open KeyCue Settings
Got to custom tab
Import attached shortcut set

PS: I am not affiliated with KeyCue in anyway nor commission is collected after sales. Shortcut description is provided as is without any warranty. Should you discover any error let me know.
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Re: Keyboard Shortcut Helper Set for MAC only

Post by Username » 03 Dec 18 22:25

Cool! Looks really nice.
Thank you. Great work.
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