GEOtag elevation question

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GEOtag elevation question

Post by Larry56 » 27 Nov 18 18:43

I've added a Google api geotag number to PhotoSupreme and it works fine except for elevation. Even clicking on the retrieve icon doesn't succeed in adding the elevation.

Is this a result Google's new api requirements or something within PSU?

Does anyone have a workaround to add the elevation after retrieving the coordinates?

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Re: GEOtag elevation question

Post by Hert » 28 Nov 18 12:22

To get altitude, PSU needs you to add the Maps Elevation API to your Google API key. But...when testing this I noticed that PSU isn't adding the API key to the call and so it will not be accepted anymore by Google. This will be added in the next update. For now you can already add the Maps Elevation API.
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