Concurrent User License

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Concurrent User License

Post by larmstrong » 24 Oct 18 20:57

<t>I recently upgraded to v.4 and purchased a new license. I've installed, loaded the license and all is well. That is on the server.<br/>
Now, I have installed v4 on 2 different workstations but it appears that the license is 'locked' by the admin account? I understood that there was a license pool and there can be multiple users as long as they are not logged in at the same time? <br/>
When I login, with my own username (instead of admin) I am told that Photo Supreme is on Trial day 6 of 30. I can select the green button that says Get it Now or I can select, I already have my license. If I select that I have my license, I am asked to load it in the User Manager?? It seems that the admin account is hogging the license even though the admin account is not logged on.</t>

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Re: Concurrent User License

Post by Hert » 25 Oct 18 5:55

One license is always reserved for the admin. This to prevent the admin from being locked out when Lin license is available.
If you have one license then login as the admin.
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