Folder structure and versioning

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Folder structure and versioning

Post by BertiIrmo » 27 Feb 18 16:49

I am new to Photo Supreme and have a few questions:

My photos will be renamed (shortened) during the import:
-Album: A.jpg
-Dia: A_TV.jpg
-E-mail: A_EM.jpg
-Pressure: A_DR.jpg

Folder structure:
-Event 1
-Event 2
-RAW 2018

In the folders "Event 1" etc. are the album versions.
When creating the jpg photos with PhotoLab the keywords of the RAW files are taken over, but not the versions.

Question 1: Do I have to change the folder structure? So far, I could just swap out the folders with the RAW files. What does a sensible structure look like here?
Question 2: In my older photos Photo Supreme has taken over the existing versions and displays them correctly. However, the search in the upper right shows the RAW files and not the album version, how can I change that? RAW are, in the older photos, tif files and therefore have no thumbnails.

Thank you for help

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