Minor bug with screen timeouts

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Minor bug with screen timeouts

Post by rfcat » 12 Feb 18 22:50

I am currently trying to update and import all my photo files into PSu. I have in the past had a number of databases but due to bad management managed to damage them. So decided with v4 to fix and catalogue the lot.
The bug is when the screen saver on my Mac Mini running High Sierra cuts in PSu stops running. Now I have the power sleep set to never and screen saver set to 3 hours. I really don't like having the screen saver set for so long. This is a big problem at night if I try run verify folders overnight.
I have been trying to fix my database since V4 was released, the mac mini is running continuously. (Qcore I7 16gb of ram)

Any fixes in the wind?

Ian M
Photography, understanding how to catalogue so I can find my photos. :D .

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Re: Minor bug with screen timeouts

Post by Username » 26 Feb 18 10:23

I'm having the same problem but on Sierra 10.12.6.
I've filed a mantis on the matter.
PSu Server 6 & Postgres 12 on macOS 10.15
PSO 5 on Windows Server 2016

- I'm the user

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