Search for EXIF data?

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Search for EXIF data?

Post by sgbotsford » 09 Feb 18 20:41

Does PSu map all the exif data? At first blush I can only see date, keywords, title, caption.

I found in Aperture that it was handy to be able to say "Search for all pictures taken with my iPhone during the month of December.

(Capture Month = 12
Camera Make = iphone)

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Re: Search for EXIF data?

Post by RobiWan » 09 Feb 18 23:16

Do you know "dynamic search"?

Select details->technical->camera Model and right mouse click -> insert to dynamic search
the same with date
and run.

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Re: Search for EXIF data?

Post by Hert » 09 Feb 18 23:32

RobiWan is spot alternative way is to use the search bar and enter

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