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Property Release Status

Post by Stephen » 11 Jul 17 13:35

This was discussed once before but I cannot find it.
The (black) empty fields to the right of Property Release Status in the ‘Plus’ panel have ‘disappeared’ so I cannot change them. Version under Mac El Capitan.

When importing images I automatically set the default Model Release Status to none. This can be seen in the first screenshot where just one image is marked. The coloured dots on the right of the panel to change the status are not available.
Photo SupremeScreenSnapz158.jpg
Photo SupremeScreenSnapz158.jpg (52.49 KiB) Viewed 3989 times
When I mark more than 1 image (last screenshot), the coloured dots are seen, but there is no field available to replace, append or clear the content, i.e. the (black) empty fields no longer show as very dark grey when you hover over with the cursor :?
Photo SupremeScreenSnapz159.jpg
Photo SupremeScreenSnapz159.jpg (49.29 KiB) Viewed 3989 times
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